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Salerno Secondary




Jesus and Mary, Salerno, is an all-girls’ secondary school which, in keeping with the educational philosophy of St Claudine Thévenet, encourages an education fostering holistic development, personal growth and self-worth.

As a Le Chéile School, we promote an ethos that views our world through the lens of a Christian understanding of life and God. The student voice is fostered and encouraged, and we acknowledge the multiplicity of voices that form our school community. We aspire to educate, to promote responsibility, and to work together in a respectful, caring and just environment.




As of September 2020 schools are no longer permitted to hold waiting lists. Instead, all schools will accept applications in October of the year preceding  year of entry. This is called the Annual Admission Window. Key Dates are outlined in our Annual Admission Notice. During the Admission Window, parents should complete an application for their daughter via one of the following methods: Online application on the admissions section of the school website or download a pdf copy via the school website, print, complete and return to the school. 

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