Photography Award


The Photography Award is an exciting opportunity for the TY students to showcase their talent as photographers. The aim of the award is to encourage students to be brave in revealing their talents. This award also wishes to celebrate a non-academic interest that nearly all young people share in this social media age, photography. We recognise that student’s hobbies and interests outside of their academic subjects at school are vital for their wellbeing, personal growth and development. We in Salerno would like to celebrate one such area with this Photography Award.


All the TY students are invited to submit a photograph they have taken for the Photography Award. The student photographs are then exhibited for all the Salerno school community. A past Salerno staff member and keen photographer, Jane Hogan, then views all the submissions and chooses a worthy winner.  The winner will be presented with the award during an award ceremony held in May.


The award itself is a beautiful sculpture designed and created by the outstanding Galway artist Liam Butler. This perpetual award will be given to the lucky winner to enjoy in their home for a year.