Creativity Award


The Creativity Award is an exciting opportunity to acknowledge the unique and special characteristics that each of our students have. It is impossible to define creativity or what exactly we are looking for in a winner. Creativity is such a vast concept that is so unique to each person. Some students may show their creativity through art or essay writing. Whereas another student may show creativity through photography, dance, acting, baking or a particular school project, whether scientific or social. For this award, all approaches to creativity are welcome. Nominees may be creative in their thinking. They may bring a unique attitude or a different insight into what they hear in class or their understanding of the wider world.

The Award Process: All Transition Year students are given a nomination form. Students are asked to nominate themselves as this award aims to promote pride and confidence in creativity. We want to award creative students that are respectful to others. This award is not based on academic ability Nominees are asked to describe why they believe they are creative, which may include examples of their creativity in the past.

Students are then required to express their creativity by proposing an idea that could be developed. It is vital that a nominee can really use their creativity. They must be able to manifest it in a way that others can appreciate it and experience it. Nominees must describe what they could do to express their creativity – whether it is to write a song, recite a poem, design something, choreograph a dance or complete a creative project of some kind. The details of this idea are vital. It may be something they are already doing or something new that they would like to try.

The Creativity Award Committee will assess all nominations and shortlist finalists from the nomination forms that come in. Those that are shortlisted will then be asked to make their idea a reality. The Creativity Award winner will be based on the success of their idea, having come to life.

The award appreciates those that have an innate belief, confidence and passion in their ways. It allows members of the school community to show appreciation and encouragement for creative students in fourth year, which is a passion of the founder of this award – Jane Hogan.