1st Year Buddy Programme


The Buddy Programme



The Buddy programme is based on the philosophy outlined in Salerno’s Vision Statement;

“The educational philosophy of the school recognizes the importance of each student reaching her full potential. This is achieved through the quality of education the students receive and by the witness of life lived there. The friendly and caring atmosphere of the school encourages and motivates students in developing good interpersonal relationships which promote self-esteem, mutual respect and consideration for others.

We endeavor to create a school community where each one feels a sense of belonging and is respected and value”


The overall aim of the Buddy Programme is to build a collaborative and caring school community, promoting social and support networks, ‘where each girl feels a sense of belonging’ to Salerno

The Buddy Programme in Salerno has a two-fold role

(1.) To ease the transition from Primary School to Secondary by providing a link between First Years and Fifth Years, thus supporting the First Years as they establish familiarity with the new school environment

(2.) To promote leadership and mentoring skills in Fifth Year students

Recognising the importance of peer support is at the heart of Buddy Programme.


It is expected that;

  • the First Years will benefit from having a support network and feeling a sense of belonging in Salerno.
  • the leaving certs benefit by acknowledging their leadership responsibility, displaying kindness as they act as a positive role model.

Outline of the Programme

Each First Year is paired with a Fifth Year Student who will be a friendly face and mentor throughout the year. Individual student needs are taken into consideration when matching the students

Fifth Year Religious Education teachers organise this programme

The Fifth Years are provided with guidance and advice from RE teachers on the role of the “buddy” prior to their first meeting with the First Years

The Buddies meet formally at least twice a year. At the initial meeting, they are introduced and given time to get to know each other. Following this Fifth Year Students are encouraged to take the initiative to develop the connection between them. This can be facilitated by further arranged meetings during class time

RE teachers link with the Fifth Year and First Years following the formal meetings to ensure all is running smoothly.