Salerno School Choir is unique mix of talented students from across all class groups and year groups. We practice at lunch time on Wednesdays and share a love of singing in a fun and inclusive space. Choral singing has many benefits, but most importantly, it allows students to develop friendships with other music lovers, and offers a great sense of achievement as the individual voices learn to blend into a beautiful single sound. The choir represented Salerno in the Limerick Choral Festival and we plan to participate in a Music Generation event in Limerick city in the coming academic year.

Music has recently been added to the school curriculum. There has been great interest and uptake. The three year course covers many interesting areas of music, including the three main strands of music; Listening, Composing and Performing. We have very good facilities in the school, with access to a wide range of instruments, computers in the computer rooms, and stave boards for composing. Students complete projects and also perform regularly in class, to improve their ability and confidence. Students will learn new pieces on the recorder and by song.

1st Year Choir
First years have the unique timetabled class of choir once a week. We perform songs from many different genres and students work in vocal groups and harmonies, mainly alto and soprano voices. This class helps students to develop their singing skills, while also gaining the benefits of being in a choir such as relaxation, better breathing techniques, confidence building and a sense of well being that singing can create.

Instrumental Group
One lunchtime a week, students from all year groups interested in playing with like minded instrumentalists meet and play tunes together. Occasionally we are asked to perform for school functions such as the opening school mass, Carol service, the Claudine Thevenet day and the leaving cert graduation, if students wish to participate. Students will learn pieces in different genres and will be given the music either as sheet music, written notes, or chords, depending on their preference. It is a great opportunity to meet other students interested in playing for fun and to develop their confidence performing together. Day to be confirmed in September.

TY Ukelele
Ty students are given the chance to learn an instrument and how to accompany themselves while singing songs from different genres. This happy instrument is easy to learn and offers a great sense of achievement in a short space of time. Salerno has a class set of instruments, but many choose to invest in their own once the music bug bites.
The social outreach programme has also teamed up with the Ukelele students as they visit a local nursing home and use their new skill to entertain the residents with a song or two.