Mathematics is a wide-ranging subject with many aspects. On the one hand it has a practical value in such areas as counting and measurement. On the other hand it deals with abstractions and logical arguments. As Mathematics teachers we hope to develop in students:

  • An awareness of the dual nature of Mathematics.
  • Mathematical skills and knowledge that will prepare them for state exams and for their

personal fulfilment.

  • A respect and appreciation of the ideas and concepts of Mathematics.
  • An awareness of the depth and significance of Mathematics in all areas of life.

Programmes and Levels

The following Mathematics programmes are available

  • Junior Cert to all levels.
  • Leaving Cert to all levels.
  • Transition Year.

Subject Aims

A mathematical education should contribute to the personal development of the students by

  • Developing their problem solving skills and through modelling their creative talents.
  • Developing their ability to handle abstractions, generalisations and logic.
  • Fostering their appreciation of the creative/aesthetic aspects of Mathematics.
  • Recognising Mathematics in the world around them.
  • Improving their communication skills and ability to share ideas.
  • Enabling them to develop a positive attitude to Mathematics.
  • Helping to provide them with the mathematical skills and knowledge to assist

them in life and work by

  • Giving them confidence and competence.
  • Helping them in the study of other subjects.
  • Preparing them for future study.

All students have access to all levels in Mathematics. Students are encouraged to achieve their full potential. Salerno has always strived to have an above average number of students taking Higher Level Mathematics at both Junior and Senior Level. We would strive as a department to maintain this and improve upon it where possible.

We aim to maintain the percentage uptake of Higher Level Mathematics:

  • Junior Cycle above 60%
  • Senior Cycle above 30%

This is in line with the desired percentage uptake from the Project Maths team.

Junior Certificate Students

Year 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014
% HL% OL 84%16% 75%25% 86%14%

Leaving Certificate Students

Year 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014
% HL% OL 42%58% 48%52% 51%49%

Maths Activities in Salerno

There is huge excitement this year with our ‘maths problem of the week’. A problem/challenge is located in the main hall for all students and staff to solve. A weekly prize is awarded to the winner.

For Maths week our TY students ran fun maths puzzles, challenges and games for all students during lunch time. There was a great buzz and atmosphere which promoted a positive attitude towards Mathematics.

Leaving Cert Higher Level students participate in the Regional Team Maths table quiz every year.