Mission Statement / Ethos



Salerno is an all girls Catholic Secondary School with a strong Christian ethos. It is run by a Board of Management under the Trusteeship of the Le Chile Schools Trust, set up by 13 Congregations, one of which is the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.

The educational philosophy of the school recognises the importance of each student reaching her full potential. This is achieved through the quality of education the students receive and by the witness of life lived there.

The friendly and caring atmosphere of the school encourages and motivates students in developing good interpersonal relationships which promotes self-esteem, mutual respect and consideration for others.


In 1818 St. Claudine Thevenet established a Congregation whose aim would be to provide a Christian Education for young people of every social class. The Congregation of Jesus and Mary grew from Claudine’s humble beginnings in France to a worldwide Congregation with schools in all five continents. For the members of the Salerno family, Claudine is a constant inspiration and we strive to give her philosophy a solid grounding in our daily life.

In order to promote an awareness of Claudine and her life and to make her teachings relevant in today’s world, we include in the First Year Religion Programme an opportunity for the girls to be creative around Claudine’s teachings. We encourage the First Years to come up with an idea which embodies the work of Claudine and which would inspire others. One recipient of the Claudine Thevenet Cup inspired the creation of a small garden which gave great joy to many who worked together, planting, caring for and enjoying the fruits of their labour.


In Salerno we value a holistic approach to education and with this in mind and in memory of a very inspirational young girl, we established The Generosity of Spirit Award in 2008. It celebrates and honours Emily Feeney who lived with cystic fibrosis and who had died the previous year. Emily was a beautiful, kind, fun-loving and gentle girl. Along with academic success we value kindness and strength of character and we acknowledge these characteristics by presenting this award to a Leaving Certificate Student. Students are encouraged to embrace their own personal creativity in Salerno.

The Creativity Award is an exciting opportunity to acknowledge the unique and special characteristics of each student. The award appreciates those who have an innate belief, confidence and passion in their ways. Senior students are shortlisted based on their creative expression, which was a passion of Jane Hogan, the founder of the award. In Salerno, we aim to create an atmosphere where pupils can develop their full potential and learn to value and respect themselves and others and the world around them. A copy of our Code of Behaviour can be found in the student diary or on the school website www.salerno.ie.