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Salerno Secondary

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Salerno Secondary School.

As I look at the sea of green that files past my office and through the corridors daily, I am proud and honoured to hold the position of Principal in Salerno. I look back on the years of care, teaching and learning that have taken place under this roof,  and I look to the future with confidence, hope and a belief in the goodness and energy of young people.

Sr Gerarda Principal2020 is indeed a year like no other, and though so much has changed, the basic tenets of humanity remain the same.

Kindness, empathy, love, hope, resilience and a sense of community are all the more important now as we work together to overcome the havoc wreaked by Covid-19 and try to maintain a sense of calm and pride in our daily interactions.

Following in the footsteps of Saint Claudine, we nurture, care for and encourage the young ladies who attend school here, striving each day to create a safe haven for them, in the hope that they will leave Salerno competent and confident to take their place in our ever-changing world.

Sr. Gerarda Lawler, Principal