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My name is Anna Keller, and I am a final year student at NUIG in the psychology department. I am conducting a study to understand how COVID-19 related social restrictions have impacted the perceived social support and wellbeing of secondary school students between the ages of 15 and 18 years.  We know that this past year has been particularly challenging for secondary school students and want to know how they feel so that we may be able to understand and help them as much as we can in these times. 

 I was looking to recruit about 20 students from two Galway secondary schools to participate in this study and hope you may help. Would it be possible to put an announcement with my recruitment flyer on your school website and/or app so that students and their parents may express interest in participation? Interested students can reach out to me by email or phone for further information and participation opportunities. Participating students will be invited to participate in an online interview that should last no longer than 30 minutes. 


 This project will be fully supervised by Professor Molly Byrne from the NUIG school of psychology. 


 Please let me know if your school would be interested in participating in advertising this research opportunity on your school website or app. I recognise that this is a challenging time for schools as you navigate these unprecedented times, so please feel free to email or call me at 0896161252 with any further questions. 


 Kind regards, 


Anna Keller