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Salerno Secondary

International PCF Maths Prizes

Back in February, a mix of 3rd year, TY and 5th years participated in the international PCF maths competitions. Nearly 20,000 students sat the Pascal competition, over 16,000 sat the Cayley competition and nearly 14,000 sat the Fermat competition worldwide. 

Schools were sent one medal per competition if the students scored high enough. Our students did well enough in each of the competitions so we had three medals to award. All received certificates of participation/distinction depending on their scores.

Or medal winners were:

3rd Year Pascal: Maria Ruchko

TY Cayley: Aisling Walsh

5th Year Fermat: Holly Best

Well done to all who participated! Reading left to right in the photo we have:

 Sr. Gerard Lawler, Avah Fox, Katie Waters, Holly Best, Meabh O'Leary, Aisling Walsh, Elsa Nicola-Sofei, Beabhin Hosty, Clodagh O'Toole, Maria Ruchko, Beth Lovern, Eimear McDonagh, Siofa Finnerty.