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Salerno Secondary

37th Irish Mathematical Olympiad

On Thursday 21st September, 15 eager mathematicians participated in Round 1 of the 37th Irish Mathematical Olympiad. The top achieving mathematicians in this exam will receive a letter of invitation to participate in the Senior Maths Enrichment Programme in University of Galway.

On Saturday mornings for the next 10 weeks or so, these lucky mathematicians will delve into problem solving and non-curricular extra mathematics with the lecturers in UG. In addition, they have the option to participate in the Final Round of the 37th Irish Mathematical Olympiad, which will take place on 27th January 2024. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students involved and we thank all the Irish Maths Olympiad voluntary lectures and organisers.

The students who participated in the competition are:

TY: Siofra Finnerty, Maria Ruchko, Eimear McDonagh, Beth Lovern

5th Year: Niamh Forkan, Aisling Walsh, Aining Zhan, Cosmina Bigioi, Clodagh Staunton, Judith O’Connor

LC: Holly Best, Katie Waters, Avah Fox, Aoife Kelly, Aoife Reilly

Our thanks to Mrs Keenan & Ms McKnight for organising, supervising and correcting.