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Salerno Secondary

Green Schools

Salerno is committed to continuously improving our energy performance within the environment and community that we learn, teach and work – it in conjunction with our overall Green Schools Policy.

Our Energy Policy is an amalgamation of all the ideas that our Green Schools Committee has come up with and subject to the review and implementation by the school board.

  • Everybody is responsible
  • No one is excluded
  • Energy is precious use it wisely
  • Reduce our Carbon footprint
  • Grow our dependency on renewable energy
  • Yield more for energy


  1. Put posters up to raise awareness
  2. Overcome the use of fossil fuels
  3. Look at solar panels in the school.
  4. Introduce prizes for the best energy-saving class
  5. Cut down on the use of cars: walk or bus it.
  6. You can get the word out there.